The care we offer at Heathlands Village

Choosing the right care can be difficult, but the right care in the right place can give people a new lease of life.

We understand that people have different requirements and the level of support they need varies for each individual. Some people are relatively independent, whilst others need help with every aspect of their care.

What care is right for you?

What’s important is to identify what care is right for you and where in Heathlands Village we can best provide this. We start by carrying out an ‘assessment’ – talking to you and your family, and if necessary, health and social care professionals. We find out about your background, health and care needs, your likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests.  This helps us assess which of our households can best provide the care you need.

For someone living with memory loss and confusion, for example, we can offer different levels of care. If you are fairly independent, perhaps just experiencing some memory problems, one of our residential households will probably suit you very well.

However, if you need a greater amount of support and reassurance, ‘Willow Tree House’ or ‘Beach House’ may be more suitable for you. These are smaller households where we offer specialist dementia care.

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