Oakwood and Beach House

Dementia Care – Oakwood

Oakwood is a cosy, household where our specialists offer nursing dementia care. Opened in 2016, it is situated in Eventhall House and is home to up to 12 residents.

Care here is generally very well suited for people in more advanced stages of dementia.

Our light-filled lounge and dining room opens onto an enclosed decked patio and our Woodland Sensory Garden.

Household tasks are undertaken in a safe and secure setting such as making meals or folding laundry. This is so good for helping maintain independence, sense of purpose, and well-being.

Dementia Care – Beach House

Beach House offers you a safe, beautiful home where we have created a truly dementia-friendly environment. This was opened in June 2018.

This state-of-the-art residential house is home to up to 20 people living with dementia, adjoining our Seaside Sensory Garden. The seaside theme is reflected throughout the house creating a bright, uplifting atmosphere to help bring back positive memories.

Beach House boasts many details and technological features aimed to enhance the wellbeing and independence of our residents.

The calm flowing layout will allow you to wander purposely through one door and in through another. This can be so helpful if you are feeling distressed or agitated.

Similarly, you will be able to make your way out into the adjoining Seaside garden safely on your own, to meander around the beach huts or enjoy the breeze on the pier. We know how much spending time outdoors is wonderful for people living with dementia.

Adaptive lighting technology

Inside Beach House, the corridors have bright ceiling panels which mimic a natural blue sky and the lighting levels can be adjusted at different times of the day. This is very helpful if your sleeping pattern has become topsy-turvy.

Assisted bathrooms

The seaside theme also extends to our special Reval Transcare assisted bathroom. These modern bathrooms offer hydro massage and a range of relaxing and calming lighting options.

The baths can be tilted so that you can relax shoulder-deep in warm water, yet feel fully supported.

Room Types

Residents’ bedrooms are all installed with sensors. These trigger lighting to come on and guide you safely, if you get up in the night to use the loo. The furniture in our bedrooms has clever cut-away sections which mean belongings can be found easily.

There is also plenty of space for your favourite pieces of furniture, to make your surroundings more familiar.

Each bedroom has brightly painted doors with large clear numbering. Individual memory boxes are fixed next to teach door, displaying photos and personal memorabilia. All of this makes room location simple and aids with independence.

Drinks and snacks

Main meals are prepared by our catering team. Beach House also has two kitchens where you will be able to make a drink or snack for yourself and your visitors.

Care and attention

The care team at Beach House use a special system, ‘Nourish’, to keep a note of your care throughout the day. They use what look like, phones to type or speak into, and record notes while ‘on the go’. This can include things like what time medication was taken or what was eaten for lunch.

This reduces the time staff must spend on computers, increasing the time they can spend giving you the care and attention you need.

Interested? Please get in touch by calling our Admissions Team on 0161 772 4800 or emailing info@thefed.org.uk